My first time SCUBA diving in Curacao!


We went SCUBA diving!!!!!!! We took the plunge and it was such a beautiful, exciting experience. I was lucky to get to do this with CJ and his family over in gorgeous Curacao. This was the highlight of our trip, at least in my opinion. We were somewhat apprehensive before, but ultimately excited to dive with Ocean Encounters Curacao, who has the Discover Dive option we did.


The Discover Dive was pretty much an introduction to diving because we simply did not have the time to complete an entire diving course! It included a 1-hour classroom session, where our instructors explained the theory behind SCUBA diving. It’s a lot more complicated than it looks!

They then took us to the pool to apply the theory we just learned and practiced breathing under water. At first, I was a bit nervous going in! I panicked a bit but quickly got the hang of it after a few deep breaths. The best part of the Discover Dive was the Animal Encounter, where we dived in with stingrays and reef fishes and fed sea turtles and sharks!


The whole experience was a half a day, or about 4 hours, and our instructors were absolutely wonderful. They were very patient and understanding of any difficulties we were having, and made sure we were safe at all times!


After our first dive, we did an ocean dive at a ship reck where we saw fish of all sorts, coral, and the deep blue (intimidating) sea. Looking out from the reef was just dark blue ocean. Pretty scary. The waves were pretty choppy out on the boat, but once we got under water we were just fine. This 2nd dive was stunning.


I really loved exploring how my body moved underwater, and how freeing it was. Exploring the reef and all of the underwater life was incredible and fascinating. Our instructors pointed out things of interest like small creatures hiding inside coral, and even a fish that looked like a stick! Doing a quick google, I couldn’t find the name of it so if anyone knows, please let me know!

Overall, I am very happy that we took our first SCUBA dive with Ocean Encounters Curacao. We had a blast! The crew was top of the line, very professional and friendly, and they made us feel comfortable the entire time. I can’t wait to visit them again in the future on another dive! This experience definitely made me want to get my PADI Open Water Diver Certification. I am very thankful I got to cross SCUBA diving off my bucket list after this great experience.

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